Saturday, November 29, 2014


「マイクブラウン抗議運動」I worked with the NPO Group AAYTP to organize a protest for the recent case in which Michael Brown was fatally shot by a white police officer. #TOKYO4Ferguson

This boy represented so many innocent deaths among black people in America. People claim there is no racism in America, but every black person in America knows the truth. Just because it doesn't exist in your bubble, does not mean it's not happening. This case was finally picked up by the media and shown all over the world. 

THE WORLD was watching: 
what happens to a White person that
murders an unarmed, Black child.

It was no surprise to see that the shooter would be set free without any jail time. Because a black boy in a hoody must be the criminal. Black people in America are treated as criminals before they are seen as a person. This case clearly showed evidence and proof that racism still exists in America. If taking a life doesn't give you any jail time or punishment in any way, 

what exactly do you have to do 
to be indicted?

and what does that show every Black American trying to make a living? It shows that their lives are unworthy. This is 2014. History should not be repeating itself. We need to recognize the problem and stop it right now.

Eric Garner was also cruelly murdered by the police. He was a man with a beautiful family trying to live his life as a black man. The police harassed him over and over and ended his life by chocking him to death. This was all captured on video. There was clear evidence of what had happened. However...

Although another life was brutally taken,
The police officers were set free.

Racism is definitely one of the most sensitive topics to talk about and people tend to shrug it off or ignore it's presence, but it must be talked about. Whether you acknowledge it or not, some do not have to worry about their child walking home from school, or their husband driving home, or their parents taking a jog down the street. That is how it's supposed to be. However, this is a privilege that most black people in America do not have. Take a look at #CrimingWhileWhite on twitter. These are people that clearly recognize their privilege and see how biased our society really is. 

Before you rant off about how Michael Brown "deserved it for being a thug," Read statistics. Know what you're talking about. Recognize the problem and look it straight in the eye.
Your ignorance is what's killing our people. 


#HandsUpDontShoot #TOKYO4Ferguson

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